Asset Laundering and Terrorism Financing Prevention System

The prevention of ML / TF is an obligation that is applied in a sectoral manner to different economic lines with a greater exposure and risk to the commission of crimes of money laundering and terrorist financing. The implementation of an Organizational System to comply with these obligations will prevent your company from applying administrative sanctions by the competent body, as well as mitigating the exposure of your organization to the commission and penal sanction of these crimes. We have a team specialized in the design and implementation of ML / TF prevention programs, which will develop a system tailored to your organization that meets all the legal requirements applicable to your economic field, as well as provides advice on the processing of audits and sanctioning procedures in this matter.

Anticorruption Prevention Model

With the entry into force of the Law that regulates the administrative responsibility of the legal person, our country recognizes the possibility of companies to exempt themselves from responsibility in case of commission of the crimes of collusion, bribery, influence peddling, money laundering and financing of terrorism. In this sense, the implementation of an Anticorruption Prevention Model will allow the company an ethical and transparent corporate management, as well as mitigate the consequences of illicit acts that may materialize in the organization. Our specialist Compliance team will develop a prevention model tailored to your needs, establishing procedures, internal documents and adequate policies for its operation.

Personal Data Protection

The regulations on the protection of personal data establish transversal treatment obligations to all areas of the companies that process personal data. In this sense, it is necessary to establish an internal compliance system that complies with addressing the organizational, legal and technical obligations that are required for the company. Our specialized consultants will address the operational needs of your company and adapt them to the current regulatory requirements, as well as design the internal processes and documents that are necessary to avoid contingencies.