Corporate and Commercial Law

Consulting on corporate and contractual issues to provide legal security for business operations. Our advice involves the constitution of companies, shareholder agreements and their relationships, responsibility of directors, preparation of powers, review of civil, commercial and associative contracts, family protocols and property rights.

Environmental, Forestry and Water Resources Law

Legal advice in the planning of the environmental implications of investment projects, processing of environmental management instruments, environmental inspection procedure, land management, management of water use rights and zoning. Granting of licenses, authorizations and permits on water resources for all productive uses. Processing of administrative sanctioning procedures.

Real Estate and Sanitation

Consulting for the development of real estate projects, shopping centers, condominiums, homes and offices. Preparation and negotiation of project management contracts, construction and complementary and secondary contracts, as well as the necessary permits for the real estate sector. Advice for the legal sanitation of real estate.

Customs Law and Foreign Trade

Customs legal advice in import and export procedures, customs inspections, acceptance of the different customs regimes, customs procedures in administrative and judicial instance.

Investment, Mergers and Acquisitions

Advice to national and foreign investors for the start of operations, the acquisition of businesses and assets, business reorganization and contractual and tax planning of the investment.

Contracts with the State

Advice on public tenders and tenders, reverse auctions, corporate purchases, price framework agreements, as well as in the negotiation of contracts with the State. Support in challenge, administrative and sanctioning procedures against the administration and in the solution of disputes derived from contracts with the State.

Dispute Prevention and Resolution

We support our clients in the resolution of all types of conflicts that may arise in their commercial relationships, through negotiation and self-composition mechanisms, as well as through the processing of judicial and arbitration processes.

Regulatory and Administrative Law

Advice before, during and after the sanctioning procedures before the authorities, as well as in obtaining licenses, permits and authorizations.

Economic Criminal Law

Advice and support in the different phases of negotiation prior to legal action, as well as legal sponsorship in investigations and criminal proceedings with a business approach to determine the strategy and implications thereof.

Labor Law

Contract planning, due diligence, occupational health and safety, labor intermediation and outsourcing, legal proceedings and labor inspection. Advice on the respective obligations to pension funds. Hiring policies, human resources consulting, foreign workers, work permits and labor audits.


Processes of sale, acquisition and consolidation of mining projects, management of permits and in the design and execution of contractual schemes to develop projects. Support in relations with the authorities, in the negotiation of their legal stability agreements, in the fulfillment of their mining obligations, inspection processes, titling processes, opposition and registration of mining rights; regulatory aspects of mining-environmental and occupational health and safety, negotiation and acquisition of surface rights, community relations, audit procedures.

Tax Law

Tax legal advice in commercial structuring, cross-border transactions, tax audits, tax procedures in administrative and judicial instance, as well as in the acceptance of tax benefits.

Competition Law and Consumer Protection

Consulting on the legal implications of our clients' businesses focused on compliance with consumer protection regulations and free competition. Analysis of commercial advertising, actions for infringement of unfair competition and processing of administrative sanctioning procedures in terms of consumer protection.

Intellectual property

Advice on the registration, renewal and surveillance of trademarks and patents, defense of oppositions, cancellations, nullities and actions for infringement of intellectual property rights, as well as the protection and defense of copyright and domain names.